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A Korean male always having a passion for active living, and enjoying getting his butt kicked in the gym and a WEST COAST lover, a graduate with a BA in Sociology. Also much into some other sectors like social media, IT and photography. I would like my blog to be a connection between my homeland, S. Korea and Canada that was my second home for years and also to be a connection to the people, places, and things for which I will always have a tremendous amount of affection.


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Korean foods are definitely different from foods elsewhere in the world, of course!! I always point out that the one attribute which stands out the most in Korean dishes is spiciness. Especially for those who are sick and tired of blowing their running noses with squeaking noise the spicy dishes often dominate our table conversations in winter. One on your left side is a spicy beef stew and the other one is called the JjamBbong, Korean Chinese style spicy noodle stew. 

Go check them out if you are around any Korea towns in your country. I am sure you will get a kick out of Korean chilies!!!! 

Just survived from my unusually terrible flu. This was one of the most horrible one that I have ever had in my life. In fact, I am telling you I am a type of person who never ever wants to go to a medical clinic or a hospital, and rather tries to be just calm down and laid himself down on a bed to wait for the body to heal itself no matter how long it would take. It is because of the fact that I have…a needle phobia. yeah.. I do… I have to admit that now. In Korea I am pretty sure if you get sick and then go to a medical clinic, I am 100% sure that you will be half naked(?) by a A-zum-ma(mature) nurse and get a shot somewhere on your butt hard before you get your prescription. I just hate that. People here in Korea are very much obsessed with the one shot solution. They keep praising having one shot in your buttock can make you away from those sick flu viruses…    

Whenever my mom and wife see me sink exhausted and look haggard even, they say “You fool, you are just keeping your flu worse, One flu shot can finish your suffering!”, “How come you are even more scared of going to a hospital than your 5 year old nephew is? “please Grow up!”

Yeah… anyway..who cares anymore?! I am healthy now..I am telling you I alright now.. I am ok.. I am normal!! I am r..ea…ll….y…. ok!! ….o…k…o…..k…. .. ..o.. ………………k…..

Happy New year, everybody. I wish your new year’s resolutions would be all accomplished! Way to go, year of 2014!!!!

Merry Christmas to you all out there!

Incheon, S. Korea

Incheon, S. Korea

Sometimes i don’t feel like i belong here..

Sometimes i don’t feel like i belong here..

My place of mind of all time..

My place of mind of all time..

세바시 강연사로 나온 김필범 삿갓유통대표의 말이다. “여러분. 왜 즐기는 자를 당할 수 없는지 아십니까. 즐기면서 일하는 사람이 되어보니까. 즐기면서 일하는 사람에게는 이겨야할 이유가 없기 때문입니다. 내가 즐겁고 내 즐거움이 더 많은 사람들을 즐겁게 하고 있는데 더 이상 무엇을 이겨야 하겠습니까.”

정말 옳으신 말씀이다.